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INTERCEPTOR 650 / GT 650 - Crash Guard v2.0

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*Made with rigid Mild Steel 25.4 mm thickness tubes, with highest in the class of 2mm wall thickness
Cold Rolled (CR) Tubes are used for strength & high durability to withstand impact during abrasion.

*Stainless Steel nuts and bolts for lifetime warranty.

*MIG Welding technology is used for connecting the crucial parts for great strength.

*Grit blasting technology is used before the Powder coating process for a uniform finish.

*Automated CNC machines are used to bend the tubes for Precision & the formation of the crash guard.


*High-quality Rigid material used to design the Crash guard to withstand any unfortunate crash..
*Comes with 4 sliders, 2 on each side to protect the tank & handlebar and front portion of the body.


Alan key – 8mm & 6mm
Spanner – 13 No.


6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty.